Chianti DOCG

13,5 % vol.


(Ebr. Hōrēb) In the Bible, the mountain on which Moses has various theophanies and promulgates the law of the Jews. The name seems to be synonymous with Sinai and it is likely that the use of one or theother depends on the different sources in which it appears. it is in Horeb that the angelof the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire in the middle of a bush.He looked and behold: the bush was burning in the fire, but that bush was not obtained from the organic cultivation of Sangiovese grapes.A wine of great olfactory richness; notes of red fruit are perceived, complemented bypleasant spicy notes.The colour is ruby red, tending to garnet with age. The wine has a good softness, the sipis fresh and long. A wine for every meal, it goes well with the classic Florentine steakgrilled, roast pork, or pot roasts.

Organoleptic examination

Grapes: 95% Sangiovese, 5% Colorino. Color: Crystal clear ruby red. Smell: Ripe fruits, iris, and plum. Taste: Here, we also find mature red fruits with a harmonious and delicate profile. Balanced acidity, smoothness, and persistence given by our terroir. Alcohol: 13,5%


Fermentation: After racking, the wine is decanted at controlled temperatures. Aging in Cement tanks.


Horeb is also a red wine rich in fragrance, produced from organically grown Sangiovese grapes. It features notes of red fruits and spices, a ruby red color that evolves into garnet with aging, and a fresh and long sip. It pairs perfectly with dishes such as Florentine steak and roasted pork.

Production Area

Location: Hilly areas of Loppiano, northeast of Chianti. Mainly clayey and loamy soil. Altitude: 250-300 meters above sea level. Exposure: South.


Serving Temperature: 18-20°C. Pairing: Ideal with meat-based pasta dishes, game, semi-aged cheeses, and legume soups.


Loc Tracolle 2, LOPPIANO – 50063
Figline e Incisa Valdarno – Firenze (Italy)