An artwork of earth and light



The Loppiano farm is first and foremost an idea that comes into the world as something small to become big. Looking at its gentle hilly landscape dotted with vines and olive trees, one can no longer distinguish between reality and dream because the dream becomes our very essence, that is what we are made of, as Shakespeare said. The farm is a divine dream that the Arno river carves into the Citadel of Loppiano at Incisa in Val D’arno. 

Our wines are made of earth and light, true theophanies that this part of Tuscany sub specie aeternitatis gives us as a gift, as the seasons progress. What inspires us are nature and faith, without which nothing great can be achieved in the world. 

Fattoria di Loppiano 4.0: organic as life in action and endless poetry.

The mission

Our mission is inspired by values of cooperation among people, by a manifesto that is written in our hearts as a desire to create genuine products that can generate pleasure and well-being at the same time. What guides us is not a reductionist view of nature but an organic one. Therein lies the secret of authentic organic: keeping the parts in balance as an organic whole, considering how they stand together in fruitful harmony. 

Fattoria Loppiano 4.0, strong of an experience that began on the 1973 century and then came to a new structure in 2021, blends together experience and tradition with the passion of those who want to offer healthy and good products, and satisfy the taste of private individuals, restaurateurs and retailers all over the world. Harmony is not a set of notes but a play of relationships that holds music together.

The vision

Our ambition is to create a total wine experience that allows us to rediscover the secret unity between matter and spirit, earth and sky, wine and men.

This experience is a journey, both physical and spiritual, a journey of encounters, relationships, friendship. We dream that the future will become a better place, a place where the senses involved in wine shall take us on a journey of discovery, leading us to the realisation that we are part of something greater.



Loc Tracolle 2, LOPPIANO – 50063
Figline e Incisa Valdarno – Firenze (Italy)

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