Rosso Toscano IGT

13 % vol.


The name, to mark the terroir, comes from the locality located within the citadel of Loppiano. Red wine obtained from the vinification of Sangiovese, Cannaiolo Colorino and other nativevines and other indigenous varieties such as Colorino, all produced using organic farmingmethods.The grapes are harvested in crates and the entire fermentation process takes place at acontrolled temperature.A fresh and pleasant wine to the taste, delightfully drinkable and suitable for every meal.It goes well with Tuscan cuisine and in particular with red meats and various types of pasta.We recommend serving it at room temperature around 18 °C.

Organoleptic examination

Color: Ruby red. Smell: Herbal notes accompanied by currants, blackberries, and hints of green pepper. Taste: Excellent structure with balanced acidity, hints of red fruits. Alcohol: 13%


Training system: Spur-pruned cordon. Fermentation and aging: After a brief maceration period and 6 months of aging in concrete vats, the result is an elegant and fresh wine.


Montelfi, a Tuscan red wine from Fattoria di Loppiano, is a blend of Sangiovese and other indigenous grapes like Colorino, cultivated using organic methods and fermented at controlled temperatures. Fresh and versatile, it pairs perfectly with Tuscan cuisine, red meats, and pasta dishes, best enjoyed at 18°C.

Production Area

Location: Hilly areas of Loppiano, northeast of Chianti. Mainly clayey and loamy soil. Altitude: 250-300 meters above sea level. Exposure: South.


Serving Temperature: 18°C. Pairing: Hearty pasta dishes, red meats, and semi-aged cheeses.


Loc Tracolle 2, LOPPIANO – 50063
Figline e Incisa Valdarno – Firenze (Italy)